Are your candles made from 100% pure Australian Beeswax?

Yes. We don't add anything to our beeswax and it is ALL purchased locally direct from Australian beekeepers. We do not use imported beeswax which can have additives.

What are your wicks made of?

We only use 100 % cotton wicks. We are particular about our wicks to ensure they are natural.

Do you actually make the candles?

Yes. We make all our candles by hand, with loving care. We do this to make sure every candle is made to be the best it can be, which in turn, makes it very special to use. 

We start with the raw beeswax and take it through the entire process of cleaning the beeswax, then crafting our candles. Each candle is poured, then given 24 hours to set. Following this, it is removed from the mould, and again, allowed to sit for 48 hours, to allow the beeswax to settle, before being shipped to our customers. 

Do you use any chemicals when cleaning your beeswax?

No. We use only rainwater water to clean our beeswax. No chemicals. Some people who make candles add chemicals to the water to clean their wax... it is quicker that way. We don’t, we take the time to clean it safely.

Why are your candles so expensive?

Beeswax as a raw material, is up to 50 times the price of paraffin. We choose to support our local beekeepers and pay to purchase beeswax from them for the value of its worth. This keeps our beekeepers in business, and our bees buzzing!

Why is my beeswax candle not exactly the same as the mould size you advertise?

When we create our candles, we fill the mould with beeswax and then leave it to cool and set. Beeswax shrinks as it returns from a liquid to a solid. This means that once the candle has set in the mould, the beeswax no longer reaches the rim of the mould. This results in the candles being slightly smaller than the mould size we advertise.