Who we are.....

We are hopeless romantics, and lovers of candles! Over the years, our practice of lighting the candles in the evening has been one which has brought a sense of peace, love and harmony to our family and home. A way to integrate our day, and settle into the peace that can be found in slowing it all down!

The dream of Tree House Candles was born from Ian’s creative and fertile mind many years ago! A dream of making candles from a tree house on our property, that could become another adventure in our lives.

Well...the dream has begun without the tree house...but with the majesty and beauty of working with pure beeswax.

Immediately, we knew the calling of Tree House Candles was to offer beautiful 100% beeswax candles to the homes of those who were seeking to bring a sense of peace, love and harmony to their own homes. To create the ritual of lighting candles created by nature, by the bees, to adorn, purify and cleanse their homes, without toxic chemicals, fragrances and additives.

We mindfully source our beeswax locally, then begin the process of cleaning, which takes up to 48 hours. Then we lovingly pour each candle, allowing another 48 hours for the beeswax to settle.

We hope you love our candles, as much as we have loved making them.