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Beeswax Dinner Taper Candles

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These beeswax dinner taper candles are a stunning addition to any dining table! With a bright golden flame, they will be a beautiful centre piece and talking point of any dinner setting or event.

As beeswax has a higher melting point, it also means our beeswax dinner taper candles will not drip (unless in a breeze).

With 8 hours approximate burn time, they will outlast even the longest dinner experience!

Approximate finished size: 1.9cm x 25cm

Approximate weight: 50grams 


Candle Care

Good candle care will ensure the longevity of your beeswax pillar candles.

Candle care for pillar candles: Long burn range 

1) To prevent tunneling, and establish a lovely burn pool for a beeswax pillar candle, we reccommend that the first time you light it, you burn it for 2 hours, and the second time you light it, burn for 4 hours. Thereafter, burn your beeswax candles for 3 hours or more each burn.

2) For optimum burn quality, a beeswax candles is best burned for long periods of time. Beeswax pillar candles will thrive when burned for 3 hours or more each time. The approximate burn time for our range of pillar candles is: 140 hours for the 3XL, 110 hours for the extra large, 90 hours for the large, 70 hours for the medium, 60 hours for the Fleur De Lis and 50 hours for the small.

3) Good candle care includes looking after the wick. When extinguishing, gently dip the wick into the melted wax pool and stand it back up again. This will prime it for your next burn. Thereafter, keep the wick trimmed to 6mm before each use. The way to tell if the wick needs trimming, is when you see it has a 'mushroom top'. To trim the wick, simply snap the mushroom top off the wick with your fingers. 

Candle care for other candles: Short burn range

Small Beehive & Taper Dinner candle care:  The beehive, and taper dinner candles can be burned freely, and do not need to be prepared as the pillar candles do. To care for the wick, keep the wick trimmed to 6mm before each use.

For longevity and brightness, please burn candles out of direct breeze.

For safety, always burn your candle on a stable, level, non-flammable, heat resistant surface. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Burn your candle out of reach of children and pets. Avoid drafts. Never burn candles on or near anything flammable. Handle lit candles with care as wax will become hot when melted.

Beeswax Dinner Taper CandlesBeeswax Dinner Taper Candles

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Taper candles

I have never found a more beautiful & useable tapered candle for my candelabra .. burns with such a beautiful light for hours with no mess absolutely stunning x